Protect your business and keep it online from bad bots and attackers.

The incredible powerful HostDel Firewall for any website.

Protection upto 940Gbps Firewall.



Per Month

  • 1 Domain
  • 20 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 GBPS Network Port
  • 940Gbps Firewall

Malicious attacks are happening around the world every minute of the day. Only time will tell when you may be the next victim of an attack. Over the past several years, online attacks have grown to an unbelievable rate.

   Automatic Detection & Filtering

   Captcha Support*

   In-House Protection (no 3rd party!)

   No Bandwidth Caps

   Protection on Domain | Sub-Domain

   Filtering up to 940Gbps Attacks

DDoS Protection From the Following Attacks:

   HTTP(s) Header

   HTTP(s) Post Flood

   HTTP(s) Post Request

   HTTP(s) GET Flood

   Ping of Death

   NTP Reflection

   DNS Amplification

   SSL Exhaustion

   Teamspeak Exploits

   TCP Flood

   ICMP Flood

   Application Attacks

   SYN Flood

   UDP Flood

   Zero-Day Attacks

   Smurf Attack


   RAW Flood

As DDoS attacks become more common in today's world, HostDel makes it an effort to protect you and your business from it. All traffic coming through our network goes through a special detection system where it monitors the traffic for anything that seems sketchy. If the traffic is friendly, it will continue its way onto your server as normal. However, if the traffic has malicious intent, our detection system will automatically and instantly filter that out. In order to prevent false-positives (where good traffic may sometimes be mistaken for bad traffic), we constantly fine-tune our system to make sure that false-positives stays to a minimum. We also constantly tweak our system so it can prevent some of the newest forms of attack.

Maximise Trust and Protection


We protect not only service our customers from DDoS attacks. Also we protect their privacy, which is most important for us.

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Cloud Base Technology

Cloud Based

When a suspicious pattern is detected, traffic toward that IP is redirected for mitigation to the Security Cloud. It is not rigid filtering by one hardware. It is a full service consisting of multiple devices.


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